Ways To Install Android Application Outside The Market

Android application can be directly downloaded from Android Play store.You can search the app what you want to download, select the app and then click the install button.If some particular apps are not available in the Android play store then here are some tips to install a latest released application.

Ways To Install Android Application Outside The Market
In this situation, you have to manually download and install free apks file.A .apk file is similar to .exe file on the window, you need to copy it on your smartphone and run it.Let us discuss the steps to download the .apk files.

Enable Unknown Sources

Before installation of the app using the .apk files, you must allow your smartphone to install apps from “Unknown Sources.”To do this navigate to Menu–>Settings–>Application and mark the checkbox “Unknown Sources.”

I) The Conventional Method

1.Install the File Manager

It comes with any method of browsing the data on your SD card so you must download a file manager from play store.Though many varieties of file manager available in the Android market but ASTRO File Manager is safer.

2.Copy the .apk file to SD card

Once you install File Manager connect your Smartphone to PC through USB Cable.Mount the SD card and copy the .apk file you would like to install to your device.

3.Install the .apk file

In your device navigate to .apk file into the File Manager and then select it.Then open the dialogue box to install the app.Choose “ Open App Manager”. Select the Install button and then directly install the .apk file into your device.Now the new app is installed successfully to your device.For instance, you can download the show box apk using the conventional method.

II)Install the app using Dropbox

Dropbox is not utilized fully, but this a simple method to download apk file for free to your Dropbox folder and then synchronize the folder.On your smartphone, open the Dropbox app navigate to the folder and locate the apk file and click on it. The app will be downloaded from your Dropbox and now follow the usual installation steps.

III)Install The App Using The Online Apk Installer

Online Apk Installer is a web app created by XDA-Developer which makes manual installation of a.apk file easier.It is also useful to share an apk file to a friend.

1.Upload File

Navigate to the official website and browse the files you want to download and choose the apk file on your PC and upload the file.

2.Scan QR Code

Once you have uploaded the file, QR code will appear on the website, and you must scan the QR code with the Barcode Scanner in your android smartphone. Once the QR code is scanned, you can download the .apk file directly into your device.

3.Install .apk File

After the download of the .apk file, you can install it by simply clicking on it and navigating through the installation pages.

Ways To Install Android Application Outside The Market