6 Bullet Proof Ways To Get More Instagram followers

Instagram has connected billions of people worldwide and made a great platform to share the innovative thoughts with the millions of people worldwide. Instagram is doing a great job and there is no sign of slowing down this famous social networking site.

Instagram is doing well and now it became the trend to have a number of followers in the account. But, it’s not that easy to have the success, you have to work hard and follow some strategy to get the list of followers. If you are not having enough time to follow someone or work hard then buy cheap followers to increase your presence.


1. Don’t upload all the photos you click

If you are the regular user of Instagram and want to increase the Instagram followers then you must upload your best shots. If you are clicking the images of your meals, cats, drinks every hour. Don’t just upload them randomly. Use filters and upload the best shot after editing them in proper shape. If your name appears while searching then your last image should be the best shots, this is the best way to get more followers. If you are uploading the images randomly, then the users may get annoyed and your best shot can be missed by them.

2. Get the idea

You must do some homework to check what works on Instagram.

You can use the “Popular” tab you get the fair idea what people are posting about and what people likes very much. With this idea, you can get your stream to work on. Then, you can also see the usage of filters and contrasts from them, to give the uniqueness to your image. Don’t just copy the image but get the idea and start working on it.

3. Usage of hashtags

Use the popular hashtags to categorize the photo you have posted. If you have used the popular hashtag then the photo will appear among the thousands where the people have posted with the same hashtag. There are many hashtags available, but Instagram doesn’t have any feature of searching hashtag. You can use another tool to filter the hashtag. Also, you can add the hashtag to the older posts in the comments, and start getting the Instagram followers.

4. Follow Others

You should follow others in return to get the follow back or you can also buy instagram followers and likes cheap. But, don’t do it randomly, take time and search for the profiles you like to see their work and start following them. If you do it as a practice, then you can get the ounce of followers back into your profile.

5. Geo-tagging

Unlike hashtags, Geo-tagging is another way to increase the Instagram followers. You must add the location and then your image will be posted on that specific location page. Also, people can see your images from that page also.

6. Comment on other posts

If you find the work of other people really appreciating, then don’t think take some seconds and appreciate them for their work. Like their work or involve in the conversation with them. This will increase your identity. And, also people will visit your profile if you genuinely like others work. But, don’t make it spam by commenting if you don’t like the work.

6 Bullet Proof Ways To Get More Instagram followers