6 Best Bikes In The Indian Market

A bike or a motorcycle or a motorbike is used by humans for traveling from one place to another. Bike’s design can be varied greatly to suit a range of different purposes such as commuting, long distance travel, off-road riding, cruising and sport including racing.

There are plenty of different bikes available in the based on demographics, popularity, accessories, fuel economy, etc. Here I am going to provide a list of some of the best bikes in the Indian market with solid engine type, high Fuel economy and good mileage.

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Best Bikes In The Indian Market

Best Bikes In The Indian Market:

Bullet 350 cc

Bullet 350 cc is one of the best bikes in India and it is manufactured by Royal Enfield. Bullet is good for all purposes: long travel, stylistic ride, short travel at break neck speed, etc. The bike comes with service parts such as gaskets and cables which we can replace. Bullet also has replacement parts from Hitchcock includes filters, wheels and fork seals. The bike comes with an improved replacement mudguards and a large fuel tank. It is available in the price of 1,25,000 INR. The Royal Enfield bullet includes 350cc Engine size.

Honda CBR 250

Honda CBR 250 is mainly manufactured by the Honda Corporation for the users in Indian and Thai markets but the bike is now sold worldwide including the United States. The CBR250R bike comes with 250cc single cylinder engine and it includes innovations found in much more expensive motorcycles like liquid cooled engine and fuel injection. The bike also has some good additional features like digital speedo, analog tech, and disc brakes in both the front and rear tires.

Yamaha FZ

Yamaha FZ is one of the best and fastest bikes in the market from Yamaha Corporation, which comes with a 689cc liquid-cooled DOHC 4-stroke engine with eight valves, TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition and 11.5:1 Compression Ratio Fuel injection. The bike also has 6-speed Transmission, constant mesh and chain Final Drive. The bike is famous among the bike riders in India who used to travel long distances in India. With a stylish sporting look, the Yamaha FZ has made every biker to crave to get it.

Bajaj Discover

Bajaj Discover is a bike from the Indian bike manufacture Bajaj. This bike has the combination of sporty look and a good healthy mileage. Discover bike is available in two versions of 125cc engine and the bike serves as a good choice for customers who are looking for stylistic look, better mileage, ergonomics and good ride quality.

The bike dimensions are 760 mm Width, 2035 mm Length, 1087 mm Height, 165mm Ground Clearance and 1305 mm Wheelbase. Bajaj Discover comes with 9.5 liters Fuel Tank Capacity with 2.5 liters reserve, 800 mm Seat and it weighs 118 Kg. The bike has 130 drum Front and Rear Brake. It has wet multi Plate Clutch along with a 5 Gear Box.

Bajaj Pulsar

Bajaj Pulsar is the most hyped and best-selling bikes in the Indian market and it is also manufactured by Bajaj, the same corporation which manufactures the Discover bikes. The Pulsar bike is available in the many versions based on engine performance: 135cc, 150cc, 180 cc, 200NS and 220F.

The bike comes with DTSI technology which is used for decent mileage. The price range of this bike is 60,000 – 90,000 INR. The notable features of this bike are digital speedo, analog tech, good body graphics, front and Rear disc brakes and four-stroke liquid cooled single cylinder engine.


Karizma is one of the best Indian bikes in terms of style and look from the Indian bike manufacture, Hero Motor Corporation. Karizma is available in two versions: Karizma R and Karizma ZMR and both of them are popular among Indians. The price range of this bike is from 86,000 INR to 1.07 Lakh INR.

The bike comes with a 223 cc 4 Stroke Air cooled Single Cylinder OHC Engine with 17*70000 Max power (bhp) and 0-60 km 3.8 Acceleration Torque. The average mileage one can get from this bike is 35-40 KMPL.

These are the best bikes in the Indian market which are famous among people for their stylish look, specifications and good mileage.

6 Best Bikes In The Indian Market