Perfect Arabic Mehendi Patterns For Beautiful Brides

An Arabic bride is usually sexy and beautiful. She is a covetable bride not only because Asians are naturally lovely. Her efforts to make her shapely body beautiful will blow your mind away. Ensuring that her earrings, bracelets, necklaces, nose rings, ankle-lets completes her bridal gown, an Arabic girl will then look for the best mehendi designer to decorate her hands and feet. Without this cultural beauty habit, a bride does not feel ready to walk down the aisle in the arms of her father. She does not even believe that she will be lovely enough for her bridegroom. Simply put, Mehendi patterns are so much valued during weddings.

Arabic Mehendi Patterns For Beautiful Brides


Arabic Mehendi has always been practiced by Arabic countries’ women. Today you will find that the Arabic henna art is no longer original. It borrows some elements from the Indian and Pakistan Mehendi. All the same, you are able to find a classic Arabic henna design if you like. Usually, Arabic henna motifs are oversized, bold and prominent. They are normally drawn with either black or brown henna. Red mehendi is rarely used. Just like Pakistan Mehendi, Arabic uses black for the borders of a design. Most of the designs created by Arab women are ideal for many occasions. As they are conspicuous, Arabic Mehendis are easy to draw on your hand, although you need to practice often to produce excellent forms.

A pattern for the back of your hand

The light complexion of your skin will act as a matching background for the brown and black Arabic designs for the back of hands. One of the best designs we have seen covers the back of your hand with an image of a paisley and flowers. Fingers are decorated separately with very subtle but lovely accents and dots. The wrist is wrapped in a delicate flower bracelet, making the whole design ideal for brides. It is less cluttered, clean and pleasing to the eye.

A unique and intricate palm design

Watching from a distance, you will think that a woman has just had her palm embroidered on. A design featuring an inverted heart design as the center of attraction looks like it is filled with accents that are common in embroidery art. From flowers to ferns, tiny crosses, spirals and dots, this Arabic Mehendi is so professionally done.

Simple and intricate Mehendi design

A creative Arabic henna design printed on the back of the hand will make your heart skip a beat. With the little, ring and middle fingers left untouched, the rest of the design subtly touches the index and thumb fingers before extending to the rest of the hand. A large flower with geometrical accents around it is the centre of attraction. This design is ideal for Arabic brides and all women during Eid celebrations.

Perfect Arabic Mehendi Patterns For Beautiful Brides