Exclusive Android Rooting Apps – Make The Most Of Rooting

You may know why you would want to root the android device. Android rooting extends the super user access that has complete control over all applications in the device. However, many find quite buzzing about the rooting the device and how it can really benefit the users. Listing out the X apps that make gives you super-user permission.

Exclusive Android Rooting Apps


Something that is considered a back-off when it comes to android devices is the battery! Many android users like to have an insight on the battery status of their device, especially, they wanted to know how much battery is consumed by few apps. There are few hard-core technical users who may need the comprehensive details about the battery consumed by the each app in the device. Rooting the android device gives access to get the complete details about battery usage with apps like BetterBatteryStats. This app provide end-to-end information about battery details, charge, power usage, tracking tools, etc.

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is popular among the firefox users. It has been a very popular app for a long time. The user favourite app is no longer available and was removed by Google Play Store. Many firefox users struggled due to non-availability of AdBlock Plus. Don’t worry! This favourite app can be installed from its official site. Download the package and sideload the same to your device. It functions fully and effectively in a rooted device, filters all those unnecessary ads from data or wifi connections.

LMT Launcher

LMT launcher is yet another exclusive app for rooting a device that enhances the customizability and usability. This app allows you to configure and control the gestures, define commands, etc without any app in the forefront. In addition, this app also defines a unique ‘Configurable Pie Menu’ which replicates the navigation bar and the system as well as accepts the commands defined by you.

Titanium backup

There are plenty of backup apps and programs are available for android devices. Rooting the device means you need a special backup application. A comprehensive backup app for your device, available in two versions, free and professional. It backup the data, apps, and even the settings. With this app you can schedule automated backup programs, schedule backup data of selected programs or apps, settings, backup data into SD card, etc. Besides backup, Titanium backup app carries a host of additional functions like app manager, uninstaller, etc. It also enables syncing your mobile backup to the cloud storage.

App OPS and OPS X

Android 4.3 version comes with a hidden feature named, App OPS. This hidden function can be revealed with rooting the device. It provides access to disable the selective apps or disable the permissions of the individual apps, with complete privacy and rigid control over the device.

In the devices with Android 4.4 version, the users who rooted their device can install a modified version of APP OPS called APP OPS X to gain the same functions, permissions and controls in their device. However, remember that disabling the permission may interact with the major features of the selected apps.

Exclusive Android Rooting Apps – Make The Most Of Rooting