Top 6 Things To Consider When Buying A Safety Lock For Your Bike

If you rely on having your bike locked up in public places and on a regular basis, you will probably agree that you rarely buy a more important piece of kit than your bike lock – so it pays to do a bit of research. Here’s what we think you should consider before you buy…

First and foremost, your bike’s a valuable investment and unnervingly attractive to thieves.

Even if you’re only off it for a minute, some of us know the hard way that it’s always worth securing to a dedicated rack or solid lamppost with the best bike lock you can afford.


It’s probably the best to think about how you’ll be using your lock, as this will help you to decide which of the following types is best for you:

  1. Cable
  2. D-lock
  3. Chain Lock
  4. Anchor lock


  1. While cables have been getting stronger and stronger over the last few years, D-locks are still seen as something of a gold standard when it comes to the bike security. They are heavier than some of the other products out there and have heavy-duty steel frames that will make it much harder for the thieves to cut through. They are usually opened with a key rather than a combination and you’ll usually get spares so you don’t have to worry about misplacing it.
  2. Of course a drawback to the heavier weight, is the increased difficulty in carrying around. Though there are a few tricks around this such as mounting the D-lock onto the frame itself (via a specific bracket) or looking out for a messenger bag or a D-lock holder which allow you to carry the extra weight with even more ease.
  3. In terms of convenience, cable locks generally the most popular one. Made from the woven steel in a plastic sheath, they are light and good to use on short journeys like heading to the shop. And while they are never going to offer the same level of security as a D-lock, but they are flexible, will wrap around a range of objects and should fit easily into most of the bags.
  4. In terms of portability, during riding your mountain bike from the top brands chain locks are the best one. They are very less in weight when compared to any other type of locks and absolutely easy to carry.
  5. It is also possible to use both of these types of locks, for example by securing your bike to a rack with a D-lock and locking any quick-release wheels to your cycle’s frame using a cable.
  6. Another type of lock to mention here are chain locks which, like cable locks, offer some flexibility but with a heavy duty quality not dissimilar to D-locks. They do tend to be on the heavy side as well though.
  7. In contrast to D-locks and cables, anchor locks are not used when you are out and about, but for providing somewhere safe for you to secure your bike at home. You drill a hole into a concrete floor or a solid wall and fix the anchor in place. It is considered to be the most inconvenient among the all type.
Top 6 Things To Consider When Buying A Safety Lock For Your Bike